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Special Feature

Keeping our City Clean – How Hard is that?

There is no excuse for the rubbish on our streets these days and you see it all the time. From mineral water plastic, black plastic bags, old newspapers, food litter, and all manner of wrappers. Whatever happened to keep our city tidy?

Think I am lying, just stand at a street corner for probably two minutes. Within those two minutes, I bet, you will either see a pedestrian throw trash on the street, or you will see litter flying through a moving vehicle straight for the street. It’s just disgusting.

Can someone explain that casually discarded food on our streets isn’t just about being untidy; it is also a serious health hazard as well. Food left on the streets encourages rats, flies cockroaches and all sorts of vermin. One could argue that part of the reason that there is so much litter on our streets is due to the lack of bins provided.

Yes, to some degree I can go along with that. I know that I find the lack of bins at bus stops, street corners, at bars and restaurants a real nuisance. But there again, so there aren’t enough public places to deposit rubbish. It’s quite straightforward really. Just take yours home with you!

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