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“Kick Weah Out in October”

–Presidential hopeful pleads with Liberians

By Joseph Titus Yekeryan

Presidential hopeful Dr. Max O. Vargbelee has pleaded with Liberians to kick President George Manneh Weah out through the ballot this October 2023, claiming that he has lost the trust and confidence of the people.

Dr. Vargbelee in a telephone interview with our Bong County correspondent recently said the Country has turned into a complete mess and is hanging on the shoulders of Weah and his corrupt officials.

He alleged that Mr. Weah and his officials continue to squander the resources that everyone should be benefiting from.

He said this is despite the high expectations of the Liberian people which led to the overwhelming election of the former footballing legend.

He said corruption has become endemic at every level of Liberia, making the country under Mr. Weah one of the most politically corrupt nations in the world.

The Liberians United for Change Political Leader stated that Weah has done absolutely nothing in punishing corrupt leaders.

“Weah has failed the Liberian people; he and his officials have taken corruption as their normal life even though they were against this when they were in opposition,” said Vargbelee.

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“Today, our people are suffering at the hands of these wicked people and yet they hear the cries everywhere but do nothing to salvage the situation,” he added.

According to him, 90% of Weah’s officials intend to get rich because they feel it is “their time.” 

He maintained that even Weah himself has gotten rich overnight just within less than six years in the country’s position.

Dr. Vargbelee referenced the 2022 United States Treasury Department report which announced sanctions on three senior Liberian officials for alleged corruption.

The US report accused Weah’s former Minister of State Nathaniel McGill of a variety of corruption schemes, including directing warlords to threaten political rivals, bribery, and the misappropriation of state assets.

The report also accused Sayma Cyrenius Cephus, Liberia’s former Solicitor general, and Chief Prosecutor of shielding suspected criminals, blocking investigations into government corruption, and interfering with evidence to ensure the conviction of political rivals.

For the former Managing Director of Liberia’s National Port Authority, the report accused Bill Twehway of funneling money from the port into private accounts.

Because of these and many more, Dr. Vargbelee said the country’s progression has been stepped on by the Weah-led administration.

He called on every Liberian who means well for the country to “kick” out the CDC government for the progress of the country.

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