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Kid prostitutes sadden VP Taylor

Vice President Jewel Howard – Taylor says she is saddened when she sees the amount of prostitutes here as young as nine years old. “I’m saddened when I walk around in the evenings and I see the amount of female prostitutes that we have in our country, as young as nine years old,” Madam Taylor said in Monrovia Friday, 30 March at the graduation of 198 women from slum communities that were trained by Red Cross.

Vice President Taylor observes that there is a problem here, recalling that if a mother did prostitution due to lack of job in those days, it was intended to send her children to school and not the other way around.

“… [And] the problem is that our mothers, I know when I was growing up if your mother didn’t have a job and she became a prostitute it was to send her children to school, not the other way around,” she says.

She observes that mothers are today telling their daughters that their friends are bringing home rice, and therefore sending their own in the streets too, forcing them to work outside of what God has planned for their lives and make them less than what they could be.
But Madam Taylor expresses believe that the more women are in leadership, the better “we are” in terms of advocating for the improvement of their wellbeing.

According to Vice President Taylor, if you need to put money in the budget for maternal mortality or for more education for girls, it won’t be the issue of a man but a woman who has struggled with those issues can advocate.

“And the more women we have on that stage the better we are,” she says. She notes that men don’t hate the women, but when there is a discussion about people dying in childbirth, “maybe” men would conclude that the woman should have gone to the hospital.As such, she notes that women need to be at a stage where their talking will not be considered as noise simply because they are few.

By Winston W. Parley

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