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Klao Association donates to D. Tweh High School

Students of the D. Tweh Memorial High School in the borough of New Kru Town, Monrovia jubilate when they received 15 pieces of desktop computers from a U.S.-based Liberian group, National Klao Association (NKA).

Speaking to this paper during the official presentation of the computers Wednesday, July 3, 2019, on the school campus, a representative of the Association K. AdvertusKarpeh, says Klao is composed of Liberians from the Kru ethnic tribe residing in America who thought it wise to give back to their country especially, to their kinsmen in electoral district#16.

“For those of us in the National Klao Association in the Americas, we came from here before traveling, and when you are abroad, you think about the place where you have come from, so you can contribute to the welfare of the people”, he says.

Mr. Karpeh notes that the D. Tweh Memorial High School is one of the higher institutions of learning in the district, saying, “We all grew up from here; it is against this that the National KlaoAssociation on behalf of its Chairman, Dr. Lawrence Sekagepo and the executive committee of the Association thought it fit to contribute to the pursuit of the students.”

“Today, we donated 15 pieces of desktop refurbished computers that are loaded with Microsoft Office, and the objective of this organization is to help our people, to put together people of the Klao ethnic group of Liberia.”

Mr. Karpeh, who just returned from America, points out that Klao is an ethnic group of Kru people, who come from southeast Liberia, including Sinoe, Grand Kru, and part of Maryland County, respectively.

“We are trying our best to unite the entire Klao people in the United States and Canada to help our people that are living in Liberia.”

He says the Association has operated for 25 years and they just celebrated 27 years of existence, noting that its primary achievement is centered on lifting the welfare of their kinsmen from one stage to another.

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“We are even planning a trip to the southeastern region to carry on some health initiative for our people, and help them understand basic health and hygiene, among others.”

He observes that authorities of the school are receptive of the items donated, but points to lack of electricity as a challenge for the institution, promising that the Association will work with the school authorities to restore electricity for operation of the computers.

When asked why only D. Tweh High School and not other schools, Mr. Karpeh explains the Association bears the name National Klao Association with root in New Kru Town, and their expectation is to help the district in area of education and health before reaching out to other schools in the country. “It is for this reason that we thought it wise to start with D. Tweh School.”

The Principal of the D. Tweh Memorial High School, Edwin S. Nagbe, expresses delight for the donation and heartfelt sentiments to members and executive of the Association on behalf of the school authorities.

“We want to thank the National Klao Association for their efforts, time, and resources and to think about donating these times to D. Tweh School is something that these students want to see happening”, he says.

He assures that under his leadership as Principal of the school, items donated will be kept and used by the students themselves to enhance their learning ability and expand their knowledge on basic computer literacy. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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