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Know your former lawmaker

Counsellor Kuku Y. Dorbor, former lawmaker, entrepreneur and humanitarian served in many capacities in the former 53rd Legislature besides lawmaking and providing oversight.

From 2006 to January 2011 she served as member of the Bureau of State-owned Enterprise, overseeing government-owned and private corporations dealing with the supply and sale of electricity, water and sewer and petroleum products; government-owned enterprises engaged in produce marketing, port and harbor management, government-owned enterprises engaged in wood-processing, hotel, printing, small business and housing, liaising with the Executive.

She was also members of the Judiciary Committee during the same period, providing oversight for the The administration of justice in the Republic of Liberia; judicial proceedings – civic and criminal, generally, constitutional amendments (s) and constitutional matters, courts and judges of the Republic of Liberia; repeal,

amendments, revision and codification of status and other legal matters; prisoners, prison houses and prison reforms; protection of trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies; bankruptcy, mutiny, espionage and counterfeiting; inter-and-intra-country boundary disputes; court martial law and military law; civic rights and code of ethics and conduct; the Liberia National Police and private security institutions.

The Judiciary Committee is the most sensitive committee at the House of Representative. It handles all judicial matters as it relates to the House, and no Act leaves the Capitol without its input. As a matter of fact, this committee is referred to as the brain of the House of Representatives.

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