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Knowledge Bin: A time for change

There comes a time in life when changes are imminent as we reach at the peak of a given journey. This is evident in our work place or business, as we evaluate our progress. One should be able to tell whether they are moving ahead in their career or they are just hiding a dead-end!

In business it is vital to check your numbers and customers to figure out if you are meeting the market demand and more importantly if you are making any profit. To know when its time for change, here are some telltale signs that it is time to quit and move on to other opportunities at the job market:

Your day starts without any work plan – This is a sign that you are no longer interested in what you are doing. It stems from a monotonous routine in your daily activities that hardly changes. Good workers plan their day by noting down what they want to achieve in perspective to the expectation of the employer. Then by close of day they evaluate their day’s activity, so as to know where to adjust the following day.

Spend work time on internet or small talk – When a typical day at the office is spend moving from colleague to colleague for small talk and gossip, it is a clear sign that something is a miss with your duties. This is the point where grapevine becomes gospel truth as more resources are used to acquire it. Social networks such as facebook, twitter, chatting are the other habits that occupy your time at the office, meaning that you spend more time on these sites than you do with what your hired to do. Just cut the slack and realize that with time these actions will grow into a habit that is hard to change and will follow you everywhere you go, even into a new job.

No vertical growth – Another clear example that your career is not heading anywhere at your current job, is that you keep being moved from one department to another in the same capacity. This is called horizontal growth, benefits don’t grow, responsibility don’t change just that you have a new title and boss. Remaining within the same grade within organization or department for an extended period is a sign that you may have reached your upper limit with that organization.

Fear of change – Perhaps the most telling of signs is when as an employee you can no longer stand for change especially positive change within your department or organization. Let’s say a new boss is hired and they present positive changes on how work is to be completed but you feel that they are more of a challenge than progress. Instead of embracing the new progress you keep rumbling about the good old days and complaining. This fear of change will hinder your growth in that organization.

Can’t handle a promotion – If the idea of being promoted to a higher level shakes the knuckles off you, then its time to step out, this is because it is an indication that you are not ready to grow. If you have doubt in your mind that you cannot handle your boss’s job, maybe you feel its too complicated or involving or perhaps too taxing, then don’t try to indicate your interest in taking over the post.

Whatever you do in life to earn your daily bread will at one point or another present opportunities and obstacles alike, be open enough to know when you have bitten too much and its time to move on to other things. When every move you make in the office is to fight for your position, then it is an indication that you are heading the wrong direction in your career path.

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