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Kofi Woods receives more punches

Ex-Public Works minister Attorney Samuel Kofi Woods continues to receive serious tongue-lashing form ordinary Liberians for his recent criticism against the government and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Recently, the former minister, who served in two ministerial posts, respectively under the current regime said, “We are at the perils of your bad decisions. We are broke. True leaders must remain and endure the difficult times just as we lavished in the good times. We must remain here and share in the agony and pains of ordinary people. This is the kind of leadership we demand! ”

Atty. Woods added that Liberia is suffering from leadership deficit which is affecting all spectrum of the society, where those who are leaders, treat the others with disdain.

“Our country suffers what I refer to as a Leadership deficit. This is not equated to the Presidency. This is more than the Presidency. It includes all institutions, organizations and social structures of our society: Be it religious, social, political, cultural, etc. This virus is eating our country and wrecking our institutions” he said at the induction ceremony of officers of the Association of female Lawyers of Liberia or AFELL in Monrovia recently.

But callers on the “Prime Morning Drive” hosted by Prime FM on Wednesday, 20April said Attorney Woods’ comments against the government that he once served and the President should not be taken seriously.

“Let say this clear that only people who don’t know Kofi Woods will give credence to the many things he’s saying against the same government that he served for all these years. Who don’t know that Kofi Woods leaves from one ministry to another with his comptroller and finance man? These guys were the dirty work men for Kofi Woods,” said a caller identified as Samuel Bah.

Another caller to the breakfast show claimed the ex-minister, while serving as the Ministry of Labor, defraudedhis staff with their gas slips and other benefits, adding that at the two government ministries Atty. Woods served as Minister, he was never at peace with his deputies due to alleged in discrepancies. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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