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‘Koijee, CDC love war’

--Whapoe alleges

By Lincoln G. Peters

Opposition leader Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe has alleged that Monrovia Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)-led government love war and violence as their only way of survival.

“Mayor Koijee is somebody who likes war because he is a war child, that is why all he and his government think about is war and violence,” Dr. Whapoe told our reporter Sunday evening, 12 March 2023.

The Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) political leader Dr. Whapoe’s comments are in reaction to Koijee’s claim that the opposition community is beating war drums here.

Over the weekend, Mr. Koijee, Secretary General of the ruling CDC, alleged that the opposition’s recent petition to the Legislature, National Elections Commission and diplomatic Missions urging them to reject the National Housing and Population Census results is an act of beating a war drum.

“To come here today and begin to threaten a national process, the National Housing and Population Census of our country, it tells you that those are tactics and those are war drums that being beaten by people who have nothing to offer the Liberian people,’’ Mayor Koijee claimed.

In reaction, Dr. Whapoe said Koijee’s allegations levied against the opposition community are false and misleading.

According to Dr. Whapoe, it’s unfortunate that Mayor Koijee would be accusing the opposition of beating war drums when he is aware that his government is the alleged mastermind and custodian of war and violence in the country. “The man is suffering from [a] traumatic mental disorder that’s why he is speaking like that. It’s clear locally and internationally that he and his government are beating war drums because they are potential threats to stability and democracy,’’ Dr. Whapoe noted.

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“Mr. Koijee is very elementary for him and myself to be in verbal exchanges. Koijee is suffering from [a] traumatic mental disorder that is why he continues to speak as a child,” Dr. Whapoe added.

The opposition leader said it’s laughable for Mayor Koijee to allege that the opposition is beating war drums when his government is the ones doing the worst against the people they should protect.

He believes that Koijee doesn’t understand anything about the census and its importance, and he is satisfied with the census results because he wants the CDC to get re-elected.

The VOLT political leader explained that conducting a census has a fundamental reason, saying it’s not done by the government or anybody because they want to fabricate numbers.

Dr. Whapoe explained that census is done to collect a particular data that will reflect the livelihood of the Liberian people which will represent their lives status.

On the contrary, he said the initial census result released by Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS) cannot be accepted.

“The National Housing and Population Census was full of fraud. Let me say this to you, do you know that till now I have not even been counted, including my entire household and community?” said Whapoe.

“LISGIS [is] coming out with numbers that don’t represent the people. We from the opposition community feel that if at all that number represents the people, all Liberians should be counted,’’ he stated.

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One Comment

  1. The city mayor has a line of demarcation restricted to Monrovia. He is not the only City Mayor in Liberia. Buchanan, Fishtown, Tubmanburg,,etc. all County cities have mayors and their limits. If he feels you are beating a campaign war drum, war drums are traditionally beaten during both celebration of war dances and peace time. There is no time during war to beat drums. Parties have their limits just as coalitions and oppositions, incumbents have. Nobody stops you or investigations of crimes from beating their restricted drums. Just be mindful of the fact that all drums are not the Liberian nation’s drums. Liberian drums are for the Liberian people so the people will find out who are committing these crimes against humanity regardless before of after this election.

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