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Koijee warns opposition

Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee is warning protestors here to desist from staging the June 7 protest which is being planned by the Council of Patriots.

Speaking Sunday evening, 5 May in West Point, Koijee said if opposition believe that “this government is underperforming and has brought hardship” on the Liberian people, they should challenge the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) at the ballot box.

“But don’t push this country into chaos with your so-called June 7 protest,” Koijee warned during his visit in West Point, Montserrado County District #7 where he was warmly welcomed by residents that were chanting slogans.His comment comes against a plan by some Liberians to stage protest beginning June 7 to demand some meaningful change in the way the state is being governed.

Koijee alleges that the decision by the opposition to hide under the canopy of Council of Patriots to plan a protest on June 7 is meant to push the country into chaos, rather than good.

He criticizes opposition of allegedly hiding their true identity to stage a protest, noting that during the CDC’s days in opposition, it did not hide its identify when partisans wanted to protest.

Meanwhile, Mayor Koijee has mocked the opposition by appealing on their behalf to the Ministry of Justice to allow the Council of Patriots to carry out their protest.
Koijee says if the Council of Patriots come one time, the CDC will come out 10 times and will show itself.

“I challenge any member of the four collaborating parties calling themselves opposition to get on the ballot and contest, only if they claim that this government has lost its popularity,” says Koijee.

He narrates that sitting in the back to throw stone at the government is not the right thing for the opposition to do.Koijee told residents of District #7 that his mission there was to visit, interact with residents and to know how they are doing.By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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