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Kouyateh demands individual sanctions

--For those allegedly recruiting ex-fighters into government

By Kruah Thompson

Former Montserrado Senatorial Candidate Sheikh Al- Moustapha Kouyateh wants sanctions imposed on individuals that are allegedly recruiting ex-fighters into government agencies.

Speaking Tuesday, 28 February 2023 on Capitol Hill, Mr. Kouyateh expressed dismay over the recent appearance of Monrovia City Police Officer Varlee Telleh at the City Corporation to address a press conference.

Telleh, an ex-fighter, has been accused by the former Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) boss Cllr. Jerome Verdier of attacking former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott and murdering her daughter Charloe Musu. But Telleh has denied the allegation.

Kouyateh said there’s a need for international partners to come in very tough on those individuals who are involved in criminal acts. He said he wants the country can to once again have an identity which is freedom.

“Liberians today no longer have freedom, and they have lost hope. And all they have today is hell in the government, hell in justice, and fraudulent leadership,” Kouyateh claimed.

He alleged that Liberians have been killed daily in the country and the only thing President George Manneh Weah has to say is people need to try and get CCTV cameras in their various homes for protection.

But the opposition politician contended that under President Weah’s administration, 25% of Liberians can not even afford 2 dollars per day.

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“How can we buy CCTV to have it in our homes? That is why today the formal Chief Justice was attacked and her daughter was murdered in cold blood,” he said.

Kouyateh lamented that the former Chief Justice had to escape for her life while the national police could not provide her security.

He suggested that the suspect, who has to be a formal fighter, was sighted with the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) leadership being protected by the government.

“What comes to my mind is how can we have an MCC security stronger than the Liberia National Police?” Kouyateh pondered.

“And why must we have MCC recruiting ex-prisoners, ex-rebel, ex-fighters, and ex-criminals to be a part of the institution we expect to protect us?”

He believed that the MCC security is even stronger than the Liberia National Police. He added that if the government cannot protect its citizens and you have arms and drugs coming into the country, what comes to mind is those arms could be used to cause trouble.

“Democracy is the way forward and the country was not created for eliminating citizens, but it was established as a land of liberty for every African and anyone who is a Liberian,” said Kouyateh.

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