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Kromah differs with Chairman Korkoya

One of the contenders of the December 20, 2014 Special Senatorial Election has rubbished the National Elections Commission or NEC Chairman Jerome George Korkoya’s recent description of the polls as free and fair.

Professor Alhaji G. V. Kromah said it is wrong and premature for Chairman Korkoya to declare the recent senatorial elections as free, fair and transparent when there are serious cases of alleged fraud pending before the commission.

Professor Kromah of the University of Liberia contested the poll in Lofa County, where he came third among several contenders for the same seat.

The defeated senatorial candidate in a press release issued in Monrovia Sunday, 4 January said Chairman Korkoya may disqualify himself to serve in the NEC Board of Commissioners to hold appeal hearing from any of the cases.

He indicated that the recent comments from Chairman Korkoya that the elections were free and fair could have undue influence over hearing officers, who are supposed to preside over the cases from various aggrieved senatorial contestants.

According to him, NEC officers may find it difficult to contradict their boss in Monrovia, thereby making them unqualified to render fair and legal judgment.

Professor Kromah said Chairman Korkoya should have waited for the conclusion of the various investigations before declaring a free, fair and transparent description for elections.

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