Kru Town in leadership crisis

Confusion has intensified amongst residents of the Municipal Borough of Kru Town on Bushrod Island following President George Manneh Weah’s recent re-appointment of Governor Alice Weah.

The governing six nominative districts and prominent citizens are bitter over the appointment which they term as illegal and erroneous. They have planned a mass meeting of all Kru ethnic people for tomorrow, Thursday in the Borough to discuss the fate of Governor Weah, no relations to President George Manneh Weah.
But Representative Dixon Sebo along with CDC partisans and some officials at the Ministry of Internal Affairs are reportedly supporting Madam Weah’s preferment.

In a recent interview in the Borough, several eminent citizens opposed the appointment, claiming that it was done outside of the Borough’s law and order. The six nominative districts also claim lack of knowledge and consented involvement as required by laws and traditional norms of the Borough.

The chairman of the six nominative districts, Elder Johnson Teah says the appointment is “a big mistake” and so they are preparing to shortly meet with President Weah on the issue.

Chairman Teah wonders how Madam Alice Weah’s name resurfaced for appointment, and denied having any knowledge or involvement of the nominative districts.

“My man, I don’t want to talk to the press now on this matter, don’t force me to talk,… because our people are too tired with Alice leadership and so nobody, not even President Weah can force our people to accept and work with Alice as our governor again… this is why we want to meet with the President for our own son to tell us how and why it happens this way”, he explains.

According to the Chairman, the governing elders were summoned to a meeting immediately after publication of the appointment listings, adding that Representative Sebo promised to help them meet with President Weah on the issue.

“I don’t trust and believe in Sebo that he can help us meet with the president on this issue” Vice Governor-elect Wleh-Wleh Kofa reacted to Dixon’s promise because as he puts it, “Alice Weah’s appointment was Representative Sebo’s electoral promise, plans and CDC dealings aimed at imposing Alice on our people as governor without any election”.

Representative Sebo reportedly responded to Kofa’s reaction, which led to bitter exchanges that nearly resulted fistfight between Mr. Koffa and Sebo’s cohorts in Kru Town.

However, Acting Chairman of the CDC in district#16, Baccus Karpeh describes Alice’s appointment by President Weah as smartly resolving ongoing leadership tussle in the Borough.

He lauds the President for appointing a CDCian to lead the Borough, stressing that t President Weah has the constitutional authority to appoint and dismiss anybody at will in government.

“Therefore, Alice Weah’s preferment cannot and will not be changed just because of few disgruntled people are opposing the president’s choice.”

According to Baccus, “Whether or not President Weah illegally or lawfully appointed CDC Partisan, this decision will remain and Madam Alice Weah is the Borough Governor for the next six years…”

When contacted, Representative Sebo says, “Baccus Karpeh told me about you and all what he said are true for me and my party.” For his part, Elder Wlaw-Wleh terms the entire confusion in Borough as a cat and mice game amongst the Borough leadership for power and personal gains. “But all must be made to respect and honor the laws and orders, traditional customs and norms of our Borough”, he adds.

–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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