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Labor Ministry concludes decent work country program

The Ministry of Labor, last weekend, ended a one-day working session at the RLJ resort and villa on the Decent Work Country Program.

During session, Deputy Minister Levi Denmeh noted that the decent work country program was the International Labor Organization- Government of Liberia framework of assistance. He said the basic rational of DW was to harmonize and coordinate ILO technical and financial assistance.

Meanwhile, the Labor Ministry successfully mediated 12 labor disputes in 2014, in keeping with its mandate to promote industrial harmony, the Ministry’s 2014 Annual Report has disclosed.

According to the report, the Ministry also witnessed the signing of seven Collective Bargaining Agreements or CBAs during the period under review.

The report also pointed that the Ministry continues to hold consultations with the National Legislature for the enactment of the Decent Work Bill.

According to the report, to date, the Bill has not been enacted into law.

The reported also noted that the Division of Alien Registration at the Ministry of Labor, in 2014, generated US$4,206,550 and L$ 205,850 in payments for Alien Work Permits.

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According to report, the division, in collaboration with the Division for Labor Standards and Regional Labor Affairs, also generated US$305,250 as fines imposed on institutions for violation of the labor practices law of Liberia.

It indicated that most of the fines were imposed on ArcelorMittal in the third quarter of the year.

The report also added that the division received 6,667 applications from aliens for new work permits, while 2,501 applications were received from aliens requesting renewal of their work permits.

The Division of Alien Registration processed 3.927 alien work permit application letters in the categories of Regular, Gratis and ECOWAS, the report said, noting that a total of 3,614 applications were processed for aliens requesting regular work permits, 302 for aliens requesting gratis work permits, while 11 were processed for aliens requesting ECOWAS work permits.

The report added that a total of 241 applications were not processed due to the applicants’ failure to meet all the requirements set by the Labor Ministry.

By Ben P. Wesee

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