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Labour Congress plans protest

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Liberia Labour Congress or LLC has threatened to protest in demand for the quick passage of the Decent Work Bill into law.

The LLC says if the bill is not passed into law, they would protest at the Liberian Legislature.

According to the Labour congress, since the Decent Work Bill was submitted to the Legislature, its members have held series of meetings with members of the 53rd Liberian Legislature, providing expert opinions and answers to enhance the legislative processes towards the passage of the bill but those meetings fell on deaf ears.

Addressing reporters on May 1, 2015 during the celebration and observance of International Labour Day, the Secretary General of the Liberia Labour Congress, David D. Sackoh, explained that in 2013, members of the LLC led a parade through Monrovia and presented a petition to the legislature as persuasion for the passage of the decent work bill, which seeks to protect the interest of Liberian workers.

Mr. Sackoh said in January last year, members of the LLC, the Agriculture and Allied workers Union of Liberia, and the Firestone Agriculture and Allied Workers Union in collaboration organized a three- day go-slow for plantation and mines workers and petitioned the Legislature to enact the bill to law, but their effort was  disrupted by intervention from the Ministry of Labour, something which brought a meeting with both members of the Senate and the House of Representative as well as heads of local trade unions.

The decent work bill is proposing a minimum wage of $US6.00 per day for skilled workers and $US4.00 per day for unskilled workers.

By Lewis Teh

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