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LACC’s lawsuit hangs over Aminata& Sons

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has given 72 hours to petroleum importer Aminata and Sons, to produce documentary evidence on its recent claim that the LACC is corruption. The Supreme Court of Liberia few days ago handed down final judgment, clearing the management of Aminata and Sons of any wrongdoing contrary to LACC’s charges of the entity defrauding the government of revenue.

The LACC said while it respects the final ruling from the high court, equally so, it wants the management of the company through its Managing Director Mr. SheikaTuray to prove that the anti-graft institution is corrupt.
The commission insists that it is concern about allegations made against it by the latter that it (LACC) solicited money from Aminata and Sons.
According to the LACC, the allegation made by Mr. SheikaTuray was grave and that it paints dark clouds over the image of the commission, which is fighting corrupt tendencies in the country.
The commission vowed that following the ultimatum, it will be left with no alternative but to take the company to court.
Appearing on a local radio talk show on Wednesday, the Managing Director of Aminata and Sons Mr. SheikaTuray said, his entity has sufficient documentary evidence that links the LACC to corrupt act.
Turay also disclosed his company decided to expose the commission so that it would not carry on such practice to any business entity or institution in the country.
The Aminata boss added that some of the so-called evidences produced against his company by the LACC were fake, and lack value in any court of record in Liberia.
Meanwhile, legal pundits closely following the LACC-Aminata and Sons saga are of the strong conviction that the burden of prove lies on the accuser, adding they expect Aminata to present pieces of evidence in court to curtail such practice, if established to be true. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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