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LACE breaks grounds for Bong school

The Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment or LACE has broken grounds for the construction of an elementary school in Teasly, Salala District In Lower Bong County. The US$68, 000.00-project is intended to give access to primary school-going children within the Teasly Community.

At the ground-breaking ceremony last weekend,  the Executive Director of LACE,  Julius Sele, admonished the Teasly Community members to take ownership of the project. Mr. Sele said it was important for community members to involve themselves with the project and avoid over-charging contractors for local works they need to do.

The LACE Executive Director made it clear that the money for the construction of the school was provided by the Government of Liberia, through its Legislative support project, but the area was only earmarked by Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor.

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In her remarks, Bong County Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor said she was glad about the ground-breaking for the project by LACE, promising to ensure the presence of high schools in all of the districts of the county to curb the embarrassments school-going children face in acquiring high school education, especially moving to urban communities to complete high school.

She also promised to ensure the fair share of Lower Bong of the development taking place in the county. Senator Taylor expressed the belief that there were lots of developments in upper Bong yet to be found in the lower part of the county.

Salala District Commissioner KarmoKanneh also promised his support to the successful completion of the school. The ground breaking program was also graced by Bong County Education Officer Edward Kpulum.
LACE is also expected to undertake a major renovation of the Jorwah Health Center destroyed as a result of the fourteen year-civil crisis.

Other facilities, including the staff quarter, will also be renovated as part of an effort to revamp the facilities- also under the LACE’s Legislative projects, estimated at over US$70,000.00.

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By Papa Morris from Lower Bong County – Edited by George Barpeen

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