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LACE Dedicates Projects

The Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) has dedicated and turned over four-community sub-projects in Montserrado County valued at US$248,450.69. The sub-projects include bridges, box culverts and water and sanitation.

Mr. David Farhat cuts the ribbon to the Beh-wein Community Box Culverts flanked by Rep. J. Gabriel Nyenka

LACE Executive Director Atty. Ramses T. Kumbuyah, speaking at the dedication and turning over ceremony in Beh-wein Community, Barnersville Township, told the gathering that funding for the projects was provided by the World Bank, European Union and the Government of Liberia.

Atty. Kumbuyah told community people that since the commencement of Community Empowerment Project II in 2007, LACE has completed 155 of the 265 targeted sub-projects nation-wide that include schools, bridges, box culverts, clinics, community markets and water wells and latrines,  while the remaining 110 were ongoing at various stages.

He thanked the Ministry of Public Works, especially the zoning department and Township Commissioner Madam Sharon Kamara for their efforts in laying out the road, as well as helping to resolve the issues that arose during the implementation of the project.

“LACE is prepared to deliver quality services and to contribute to the socio-economic recovery of Liberia as long as the Government and its partners can provide the resources. We have developed expertise in community empowerment projects and youth employment programs”, Atty. Kumbuyah stressed.

He named the benefitting communities as the Beh-wein three box culverts valued at US$59,786.94, Jacob Town Community Bridge – US$82,102.43, Geeto & Feifiei water and sanitation project (4 latrines and 3 water wells) – US$24,476.15 and the New Georgia Gulf Community bridge – US$82,085.17.

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Atty. Kumbuyah urged the communities, including the township leadership to make good use of these facilities and to always maintain them if they wish that these bridges, box culverts, water wells and latrines are the last long.

Speaking on behalf the Ministry of Public Works, the Resident Engineer of Montserrado County, and Richmond Hardening lauded the Agency for its contribution in Liberia’s recovery programs and also urged communities to take ownership maintain the sub-projects.

Emily Weedon Chapman, representing the World Bank office Liberia and the European Union, praised community people for their involvement in the implementation of the projects. Madam Chapman stressed to needed for communities to now take ownership and maintain the facilities.

District # 11 Representative J. Gabriel Nyenka praised the World Bank and the European for the continue support to Liberia recovery, expressing gratitude toLACE for its efforts in helping to bring basic social services to the people of Liberia.

Representative Nyenka said the construction of the box culverts especially in Beh-wein Community was a dream come true and a big relief to the community.

Cutting the ribbon to the bridges, box culverts, water wells and latrines projects LACE Board Chairman  David Farhat thanked the World Bank, European Union and the Government of Liberia for entrusting LACE with community-driven projects in Liberia. Mr.  Farhat said warned communities, noting “these are your projects and we’ll not come back to maintain them so take care of your projects”.

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