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LACRA calls for youth empowerment

The Director General of the Liberia Agriculture Commodities Regulatory Authority (LACRA) Dr. John S. Flomo has described youth empowerment as critical to the development of any nation.

Speaking Monday, 6 August at a skill building conference for young people at the Monrovia City Hall, the LACRA Director General called on African Youths to be united, noting that without unity they will not thrive.

A press release issued Monday says Dr. Flomo notes that it is binding on every nation to invest in the empowerment of the youth who constitute majority of the population of the world.

Dr. Flomo says if Africa must be on par with other continents, it is necessary to invest in the empowerment of young people who are considered future leaders of Africa.

He warns that if leaders in Africa fail to attach seriousness to the empowerment of young people, their future will be bleak, stressing that providing quality education for young people is the surest way.

He also notes that empowering them in educational as well as technical and vocational institutions are some of the best ways forward.

Dr. Flomo indicates that education is vital to the development of any society, noting that a nation without educated citizens will not experience rapid development.

He stresses the need for nations in Africa to commit themselves to the development of the young people.

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Dr. Flomo warns that Africa will continue to struggle in the absence of quality education for young people, adding: “We cannot expect to provide substandard education for our young people and expect them to come up with great skills to leadership development”. “We need to develop the talents of young women and all young people to prepare them for the future,” he concludes.–Press release

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