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Last Week’s Saga at the Legislature

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Politics, according to Wikipedia, is generally regarded as a social discipline which deals with the study or practice of the distribution of power and resources within a given community – a usually hierarchically organized population, as well as the interrelationship(s) between communities. In other words, politics is an organized control over a human community, particularly a state as our country-Liberia.

With politics impacting every component of our lives – from the top of the government to the markets , this will hopefully help others become more aware of the issues that are important to the political arena and in turn start a chain reaction of more citizens becoming involved in the political process on all levels.

At the core politics is the issue of governance, brought about through a democratic process well-meaning people called election as we have had in Liberia and will have come 2017.

And in these 2017 general and presidential elections, new representatives and a president and probably, superintendents, commissioners, as well as paramount and clan chiefs will be elected by the majority of the Liberian people.

Already ahead of the process incumbent President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf will not participate,there are ongoing political activities – convention(s), party anniversary (ies), tours etc., etc. Talks for mergers, alliances and collaborations are even heightening nowadays between and among political figures and parties – and whether or not worthy efforts will again succeed remains to be seen, judging from our own political history.

However disappointingly, a few Liberian politicians may just be taking the essence of practical politics out of context; for them, politics ahead of the 2017 general and presidential elections is the show of arrogance, disrespect, ‘cash-trade and one can go on and on naming more misconducts.

A very clear example is the Tuesday, June 7, 2015 incident involving Montserrado County Senator George M. Weah and the Vice President of Liberia, Mr. Joseph N. Boakaijust within the vicinity of the Office of the President Pro Tempore of the Liberia while the latter was on way to his official office at the Capitol Building.

Assigned correspondents on Capitol Hill reported, through their various news outlets, a complete show of gross disrespect and civility by Senator Weah as Vice President Boakai approached, while he was on his way to ‘receive Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine’, Political Leader of the opposition Liberty Party for a meeting.

Despite being signaled by assigned service men of the elite Executive Protective Service about the movement of the Vice President, the Montserrado County Senator was quoted by Legislative Correspondent as insisting that because they were all equal in accordance with the rules of the Senate, movement/presence of the President of the Liberian Senate (Boakai) did not warrant such courtesy.

“Do you know who you are talking to? I’m senator and political leader of the biggest political party here; so I’ll not stand. We’re all equal before the rules of the senate,” Weah ignorantly said to the Elite EPS Service Men when approach for courtesy to the VP and subsequently continued his journey with no sense of regard and honor to the Vice President of Liberia and President of the Liberian Senate.

If and only if George Weah was in the capacity of VP Boakai, we are assured that ‘hell’ would have broken lose at that moment – trust me, especially knowing what he and people are.

Unfortunately, Weah seemed not to have understood his own Senate Rules to which he alluded when claimed that they were all equal; then one wonders why he (Weah) usually stands, along with other colleagues whenever the Vice President (President of the Senate) arrives in chambers? Does he understand why the Liberian Constitution refers to the Vice President of Liberia as President of the Senate? Besides, at all levels, George Weah- with his so-called Master’s Degree, can NEVER match Joseph Boakai – in education, experience, age, etc., etc, to render him such gross disrespect.

And if and only if the Montserrado County Senator is a man of conscience- a man with leadership ability, he would have, by now, recollected his memories to extend an open apology to the Vice President of Liberia for an error no rational being would have made.

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