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Lawmaker attacked in district #12

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A Montserrado County District #12 Lawmaker has complained the Ministry of Public Works to Members of the House of Representatives on behalf of the residents of his district for its ‘abrupt’ action to mark their properties on Somalia Drive in Gardinersville, outside Monrovia.

According to a letter written to the House’s Plenary on Tuesday October 6, Representative Richmond S. Anderson noted that at hour of 10:00pm while in bed, residents of the district stormed his home in order for him to intervene on their behalf.

“I was sleeping at about 9 to 10pm, and someone came to wake me up that residents of my district had assembled before my door. I came out and my people told me that the Ministry of Public Work had started marking another seventy-five feet apart from the previous seventy-five space from the road for demolition,” the Montserrado County Lawmaker said.

Representative Anderson expressed the hope that Members of the House of Representatives will also intervene on behalf his district’s residents by inviting the Minister of Public Works to explain the reported ‘extra decision’ taking for another seventy-five feet space from the main Somalia Drive, as well as why the ministry did not inform Lawmakers of the various districts about such new decision.

“Before the deadly Ebola virus, when the Japanese started the road project, the Ministry of Public Works informed us that all properties in the miles of seventy-five feet would be demolished, and we worked with our people and the Ministry for our people to receive their resettlement package; and their properties were demolished by the Japanese, but why now the resumption of the road project the Ministry was adding another seventy-five feet without our concern – which I think the Ministry needs to appear to explain better to us,” Representative Anderson noted.

Montserrado County District #11 Representative Gabriel Nyankan, in addition emphasized the urgent need for the House’s Plenary to immediately intervene. Representative Nyankan further indicated that Members of the House should not be seen as obstacles to development in the country, but pointed out that it was totally wrong to go against an agreement that took time to complete.

Before raising the motion to conclude the matter, Nimba County district #8 Representative Larry P. Younquoi described as totally wrong for people to cry for development and oppose such when it is in process.
However, in his Motion, the Nimba County Lawmaker noted that the matter be transferred to the House’s Committee on Public Works to report back to Plenary in a week.

 Ben P. Wesee -Edited by George Barpeen

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