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Lawmaker calls for benefits cut

-to purchase COVID vaccines

Bong County Electoral district #2 Representative J. Marvin Cole is calling for benefits cut from the Executive and the Legislature to purchase COVID-19 vaccines and testing kits for the country.

Representative Cole said as leaders, it is important to protect the lives of citizens, which is key national responsibility.

Speaking to Legislative Reporters on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, in his office at the Capitol Building, Representative Cole said the Constitution is clear and when elected officials took the oath of office, they assured the Liberian people and the world at large to protect and defend the Constitution through the rights of the people.

He said with the national budget currently before lawmakers, not less than 10 million United States dollars should be allocated to purchase COVID-19 vaccines to protect the population.

“As deputy of the people, it is incumbent on us to ensure that the lives of the people are protected’’, he added.

He said if they did cut their salaries for harmonization, now is the time, adding the nation must be aware that this is an emergency and he’s not the President of Liberia to call for emergency, but as a citizen and a senior member of the government, he knows there is a serious health crisis and people are dying, so there is an urgent need to budget a certain amount of money to purchase vaccines.

“If you build roads and our people died, who will use the road? If we build infrastructure and our people died, who will use it, so I believe that vaccines to save our people should be our focus”, Cole urged.

He at the same time called on the Ministry of Health to purchase more COVID -19 vaccines and testing kits, saying if there were more testing kits at the airport, Liberia will not be at this critical juncture. Bridgett Milton

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