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Lawmaker drags youth advocate to court

Nimba County District#2 Representative Prince O.S. Tokpa has taken a youth advocate to court in the county for accusing the lawmaker of corruption. Advocate Joe Dawoyea is president of the NimbaYeedieh Youth for Sound Leadership.

According to him, he appeared on Radio Nimba, a local radio station in the county recently and accused Representative Tokpa of receiving bribe from ArcelorMittal, a claim for which the lawmaker has taken the advocate before the Sanniquellie Magisterial Court to prove.

Document from the magisterial court in Sanniquellie revealed that defendant Joe Dawoyea is charged with the crime criminal malevolence. When contacted, Representative Tokpa said the matter is in court, so he cannot speak on it.

The lawmaker maintained that he took the court action because his character that was being distorted by Joe Dawoyea. He said it is the court that will set defendant Joe Dawoyea free. “It takes years for me to build my character and I will not allow anyone to just play with it”, the distric#2 lawmaker lamented.

-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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