Lawmaker must face the law

Last week Thursday’s (July 13) arrest of Grand Gedeh County Representative Morais Waylee by offices of the Liberia National Police for alleged criminal conspiracy in connection with the reported raping of a 13-year-old minor is not only disgraceful, but unbecoming of a lawmaker.

Following a local daily’s report in early May linking Rep. Waylee to sexually abusing the 13-year-old victim, whom the report says is his niece, he has repeatedly denied the allegation and challenged the paper to produce evidence.

Not only that, he has scared and intimidated everyone calling for justice in this matter, including youth advocate Mohammed Kromah, who was issued a writ to appear in court for parading a group of youths before the Capitol Building, demanding the lawmaker to appear in court and exonerate himself from the allegation.

Announcing the arrest at the National Police Headquarters, Police Inspector General Col. Gregory Coleman told reporters that Rep. Waylee and his wife have been on police wanted list over concerns that the alleged rape victim whom the police have been going after for questioning could not be found. IG Coleman also pleads with the public to give the police tipoff whenever Rep. Waylee’s wife, who is said to be on the run, is spotted anywhere in the country, for immediate arrest.

There are multiple reports that the alleged victim, who reportedly gave birth to a baby girl sometime last year as a result of the alleged act, is being shielded from the public in cohort with family members as a cover-up.Now that the police have gone after the incumbent lawmaker and his wife on charges of criminal conspiracy for failure to produce the alleged victim, strongly indicates that the girl in question really exists, and this is not a make-up as Rep. Waylee would want the public to believe.

It is highly despicable that a lawmaker would allow himself and his family to get entangled in such embarrassment that has serious long-term negative repercussion. We encourage Ms Waylee to join her husband in cooperating with the police to exonerate themselves from the charge of criminal conspiracy.
If the rape victim in question is being shielded by the couple as the police are suspecting, then the lawmaker is not only invoking even greater disgrace on himself, but his entire family, including his wife and children.

He should be reminded in no uncertain terms that the law cannot be reserved for certain group of citizens. Rather, it must be applicable to all Liberians irrespective of status, tribal, religious and political affiliations.We strongly believe the 13-year-old minor wherever she might be right now, deserves justice because her rights first, as a human being and secondly female, have been violated; therefore, the law must take its course no matter where the chip may fall.

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