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Lawmaker provides power to over 50,000 residents

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Over 50,000 inhabitants of two communities in Bopolu District, Gbarpolu County are benefiting electricity supplied by Representative Alfred G. Koiwood of the county.

The Chairman of the Alfred G. Koiwood Communities Electrification Project,FumbaMulbah, said the power supply was made possible through the kind generosity of Rep. Koiwood, who provided two power-house generators to New Bopolu and Bondi communities, respectively.

Mulbah also disclosed that the two beneficiary communities were created few years ago, had not have access to electricity unlike other communities in Gbarpoluunder a power sharing project.

According to him, the first test of the electricity was held on July 24th two days to the celebration of Liberia’s 168th Independent Anniversary, and was warmly received by inhabitants of both communities.

He noted that residents close to the main streets in Bopolu may have electricity if their communities can provide electrical wires to have them connected, adding that Representative Koiwood has plan to also undertake similar venture in the not too distant future in the remaining three communities.

He indicated that the beneficial communities will be responsible to maintain the generators and ensure constant supply of electricity in their areas.

Besides the establishment of the Alfred G. Koiwood Driving and Computer School in Bopolu, Representative Koiwood has also provided scholarships to less fortunate students, whose parents lack finance means to pay their children’s tuition, provide copybooks and other learning materials. -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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