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Lawmaker to boycott referendum

Unity Party lawmaker and Chair of the Rivergee Legislative Caucus Francis S. Dopoh, II, said he is abstaining from the constitutional referendum slated for Tuesday, December 8, 2020, because the process is unfair to the people of Liberia.

Speaking to this paper Monday at his residence in Brewerville, Montserrado County, Rep. Dopoh said he will not only abstain, but call on every citizen, who believes in his position to also abstain.

According to him, abstaining from the process is important so as not to be a part of anything that would create problems for the country.

“The manner and form in which the referendum is being handled by the Elections commission and the government is going to be unfair to the people and does not speak to the intent of the Constitution of Liberia’’, the opposition lawmaker argued.

He said there is not enough publicity and civil education on the referendum, noting that if you go ask most people today, they don’t know the eight propositions they are voting for in the referendum and why they should [vote] for or against, and Articles 91, 92 of the Liberian constitution spelt out the way the constitution should be amended and how the votes are taken.”

He explained that prior to holding a referendum, there should be civil education across the country a year ahead, so that people would know what they are voting for.

“People go to vote on a process that they do not understand is democratic fallacy, and that is not the intent of democracy; [they] cannot go to vote for a process that they cannot understand, that is not democracy.’’

Rep. Dopoh added that in Liberia, people who are not educated find it very hard to distinguish between who and what, saying, most people focus on who and not what.

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Despite public outcry against the pending referendum due to lack of adequate education, the government is resolved to go ahead with the process next Tuesday.

Liberia’s Minister of State and ruling party executive, Nathaniel McGill is asking Liberians to vote yes to all eight propositions in the referendum, cautioning this could be the last chance.

But Dopoh, who is due to his native Rivergee County soon, vowed to tell his people not to vote for the referendum because it lacks enough education. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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