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Lawmaker wants Liberia quarantined

A Liberian lawmaker is calling for a two- day nationwide quarantine here, at a time local and international health authorities are reporting decline in Ebola infection.

Montserrado County electoral district 12 Representative Richmond Anderson, told a community policing meeting on Sunday that people were now dressing “half-naked, robbing on each other and playing football in the communities” in total disregard to health tips.

“For me I think when those things continue, it will not really cure Ebola in Liberia, because you don’t know who is who, Representative Anderson warned on Sunday, 9 November at the Barnersville Town Hall in Gardnersville.

Immediately after the meeting on Sunday, Deputy Police Director for Operations, Abraham Kromah, raided several community football fields along the Gardnesrville road, including a football field near the Freeport Police Depot where footballers were practicing.

Deputy Police Director Kromah on Sunday instructed Police Depot Commanders along the Somalia Drive and Free Port of Monrovia to dislodge footballers from practice grounds as part of measures avoid further escalation of Ebola here.

Despite reports of decline in Ebola infection here, concerns continue to grow over rising infection rate in neighboring Sierra Leone that shares porous borders with Liberia, and Liberians have been repeatedly warned against “early excitement” on news of the decline.

Notwithstanding, Representative Richmond Anderson fears that Liberia and Sierra Leone “are all inter-connected by boundaries” and one might not know who might have left from Liberia and entered Sierra Leone, or entered Guinea from Sierra Leone.

“My take about also fighting Ebola, I am contemplating as to whether we can quarantine the entire nation [for] two days or three days; if our international partners can give us the necessary training,” the lawmaker commends.


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