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Lawmakers break grounds for school project

After 15 years without benefiting development, Nimba County District Four Representative Gunpue Kargon along with Deputy Speaker Prince Y. Moye have broken grounds for a six-classroom school building in Gbor-Gban-Win Town, Nimba.

Rep. Kargon, who entered Ganta City with his supporters chanting nicknames such as, “Dubai King”, “Dubai King”, and “Rescue Father”, among others, was accompanied by the Deputy Speaker.

According to Rev. Arthur Gbo-Whyee, a citizen from the town, for over 15 years, they have been abandoned by previous officials of the county, including ex-Representative Garrison Yealue, among others.

He recalls that during elections, politicians made their way to the town and obtained votes after which they abandoned the area. Rev. Gbo-Whyee commends Representative Kargon and Deputy Speaker Moye for the initiative. “We have been here for the past fifty years without having access to school, safe-drinking water, roads, and health facilities, among others, but the coming of you people in our town today is a blessing for us”, he expresses.

Residents danced and jubilated as vehicles carrying the two officials entered the town. Some of the citizens, who spoke with The NewDawn, corroborate Rev. Gbo-Whyee’s claim that past officials went there only during elections and after getting their votes, they turned their backs on them without the slightest thought of returning to say thanks.

Speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony, Representative Kargon says the US$25,000 elementary school project when completed, will help to educate children of the town, who have been out of school for a very long time.

The Nimba Lawmaker describes the project as his personal initiative, and also breaks grounds for construction of a clinic in Gbaye-Nyaon Old Town, Twah-River Administrative District.

According to him, citizens of the area in past years have been trekking long distances to access health facility in the district, vowing to make sure during his six-year tenure as lawmaker, they would have access to development across the district.

“I will take you from darkness to light, and will help to improve the living condition of you people, but it needs the involvement of all of us in the district” he emphasizes.

‘’We need unity and peace among us; this is why I am touring this district, having program with you people.” The ceremony brought together lawmakers from other areas, including Representative Prince Moye of Bong County.

Representatives Rogal S.W.Y. Domah of electoral district#7 and Johnson Gwiakolo of district#9, respectively pledged to work with Representative Gunpue L. Kargon to achieve his dreams for his constituents.

For his part, Deputy Speaker Moye pledges 200,000 Liberian Dollars plus 12 bundles of zinc towards the school project in Gbor-Gban-Wim Town.

By Thomas Domah/Nimba–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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