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Lawmakers fuss over huge benefits

Lawmakers fuss NDThe President Pro Temp of the Liberian Senate, Senator Armah Zulu Jallah, has urged Senator Oscar Cooper of Margibi County to take the lead in the reduction of the salaries of Lawmakers by reducing his and other amenities.

Recently, Senator Cooper alarmed that members of the Legislature were earning too much money, emphasizing the urgent need for his colleagues to reduce such earnings in the interest of the Liberian people.

But during his visit to Bong County last weekend, President Pro Temp Jallah told our Bong County correspondent that if the Margibi County Senator was serious, he must be an example of his principle by reducing his own allowances by fifty-percent, that than making statements that undermine the credibility of the Senate.

The President Pro Temp indicated that members of the Senate were handling the issue of Senator Oscar Cooper and would appropriately deal with such very soon. He added that the Senator’s statement has attracted the attention of Senators, saying the Senators would want to disabuse the minds of the Liberian people of the perception that members of that body were being over-paid so as to ensure that sanity is restored to the Liberian Senate.

Jallah described Senator Cooper’s Statement as a free-talk on grounds that his argument was costless. He said decision the Senate would announce in its executive session will include the issue of Senator Oscar Cooper.

By Papa Morris from Gbarnga, Bong County -Edited by George Barpeen

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