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Lawyer fights for Health Minister designate

A legal counsel for Health Minister designate Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Law Reform Commission Vice Chairperson Cllr. Felicia V. Coleman is arguing that her client has not been tried and found liable for an action for damages for wrongful death to warrant her non – confirmation by the Liberian Senate.

Dr. Jallah has been facing some opposition since her nomination by President George Manneh Weah to head the Ministry of Health as a result a death incident reported against her Women of Hope Hospital in 2017 involving victim Desiree Fahnbulleh.

“I can put my life into her hands. Dr. Jallah regrets the death of Desiree …., but I just want to say when that incident happened Dr. Jallah was not in the country. When that incident happened Dr. Jallah did not perform the operation. It was Dr. Copper,” Cllr. Coleman told a press conference Thursday, 8 February in Paynesville.

She is accusing the late Desiree’s husband Mr. Larry B. Fahnbulleh, Administrator of New Generation Liberia International Ministries Church at ELWA Junction of being in connection to a request for a non – confirmation of Dr. Jallah.

Cllr. Coleman believes that Dr. Jallah’s confirmation will not be stopped by people at this time because she thinks her appointment has been ordained by God.

“And all those who fighting her I think this a war because there are many others who want this job,” Cllr. Coleman claims, and wonders why the family has not moved its case forward until now when her client has been nominated.

Concerning the matter that was taken to court against Dr. Jallah and her hospital, Cllr. Coleman argues that her client has not been found liable, adding that no trial has been held.

She says after a complaint was filed against her client, the Medical and Dental Council set up an investigative team which came up with a recommendation that was supposed to be sent to the board.

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Based on the recommendation, the board would have decided whether to confirm the recommendation or not. But after the recommendation was sent to the Registrar General of the Liberia Medical and Dental Council, she says a copy of that report and recommendation were sent to Dr. Jallah.

In February 2017, Cllr. Coleman says Dr. Jallah in a letter refuted some of the things that they said, and requested a reinvestigation of the matter on grounds that the investigation was not done thoroughly.

“Since that letter was sent in February, the Liberia Dental and Medical Council has not responded, they had not set up … another investigative report and nothing has been done since that letter was … written in February,” she says.

Cllr. Coleman claims that the report is inconclusive and the recommendation is not correct, having alleged that the recommendation was never sent to the entire board to determine whether they were going to take the recommendation or not. She insists that Dr. Jallah and the Hope for Women Hospital are doing better than many of the government hospitals, boasting of the integrity of the nominee. “This is a woman who has integrity. This is a woman who loves Liberia,” says Cllr. Coleman.

By Winston W. Parley

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