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Lawyer’s securities charged for killing

Two security guards at the residence of female lawyer Cllr. E. Gidu Johnson are charged with manslaughter over the killing of a victim that the defendants allegedly caught stealing planks at the lawyer’s home on Smart Road, Old Road Community.

According to a police charge sheet, defendants Junior Sayee and Abraham Garduor allegedly declared victim Exodus S. Kamara a rogue, prompting an angry crowd to forcefully take the victim away and killed him in a ghetto on 24 April in the same community.

Defendants Sayee and Garduor are facing a charge of negligent homicide “for Recklessly, Negligently turning over victim Exodus S. Kamara to an angry crowd” that allegedly killed the victim.

This case of alleged mob justice against victim Kamara for alleged theft at Cllr. Gidu Johnson’s home is just one of many acts of mob violence that continue to occur in Liberia, with many more people losing their lives without being given the opportunity to defend themselves against their accusers.

In many cases suspects are ruthlessly mobbed, and homes and even police stations and court facilities vandalized by angry crowds, which tells of the alarming level of violence that authorities here must work harder to deal with in post – conflict Liberia.

When defendants Sayee and Garduor allegedly declared victim Kamara rogue and arrested him at 4 O’clock, police say Cllr. Gidu Johnson and her 16 – year old son Abjetey Obedekah came out, and the lawyer advised the defendants to let the victim go.

However police narrate further that the lawyer went back to bed, but victim Exodus Kamara was still in the care of the defendants when angry crowd came shouting, throwing stones and demanding victim Kamara.

The charge sheet says Cllr. Gidu Johnson allegedly called police for their intervention, but the angry crowd took the victim away prior to police’s arrival at the lawyer’s residence on Smart Road.

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Victim Kamara allegedly died in the ghetto few hours later and his remains placed on the main Vai Town Street on the Old Road, the charge sheet says.
In the wake of the killing of the victim, defendants Sayee and Garduor have been charged by police and turned over to the Monrovia City Court to face trial. By Winston W. Parley

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