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Lawyers summoned over absence at court’s opening 

Judge Kontoe is seeking to hold individuals accountable for their professional obligations to uphold the integrity and efficiency of the legal process in Bong County.

By Joseph Titus Yekeryan

Gbarnga, Bong County, May 16, 2024: In a significant development in Bong County, 73 lawyers and judges are set to face legal repercussions today, May 16, 2024, after failing to attend court sessions. 

Judge Boimah Kontoe has issued a summons for these legal professionals to appear before the court to explain their absence during regular opening sessions.

Judge Kontoe’s directive comes after 50 attorneys–at–law and 23 Counsellors-At-Law abstained from opening court in the county, prompting concerns over the adherence to professional responsibilities within the legal community.

During the official charge at the opening of the May A.D. 2024 Term of Court, Judge Kontoe emphasized the importance of judicial attendance and accountability, warning of potential consequences for those who neglect their duties.

The summoning of these legal professionals underscores their critical role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the judicial system. 

Judge Kontoe’s actions reflect a commitment to upholding the integrity and efficiency of the legal process in Bong as he seeks to hold individuals accountable for their professional obligations.

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Today’s court appearance is expected to shed light on the reasons behind the absences of these lawyers, judges, and counselors and could set a precedent for accountability within the judiciary in Bong County.

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