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LBA League Update

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In continuation of the national basketball league, K-Deltas and Angel Shooter played in four quarters in the first match. In that match, Angel Shooters went down 33-54 to K-Deltas.

The second match of day occasioned Monrovia SkyForce dumping Dream Team 70-56, while SOS Trotters struggled with a 57-47 victory over St. Paul Crushes, as Supreme Sisters bowed 18-38 to Ducor Magic. NPA/Pythons earned 57-55 points against LPRC-Oilers in the last game of the day.

FUBA scored 44 baskets against Cardinals’ 31, Phoenix defeated Destiny Queens with free 20 points. Harbel Pointers went down to UHURU Kings with the score of 59 baskets. SOS Base beat Heat 52- 41 points, while  Commissioners’ 21 points were not enough to beat Timberwolves with 37 balls on March 23, 2011.

On 24th-Mar-2011, Timberwolves’ male team earned 20points from the deficiency of Don Bosco Legends, while Desert Ladies thrashed C-Deltas 44-32. Supreme Brothers whipped Ducor Magic 53-47, while Angel Shooters 35 points were not enough for Timberwolves’ 50 points.

In the last game, Urban Invades’ 44 points were insufficient  to overcome Wiloria Patrroits’ 53 on March 25th, 2011. UHURU Kings whipped FUBBA 57-47, while Destiny Queens netted 58 balls ahead of SOS Trotters’ 12. In the last game, Flames  won Dream Team 86-75 baskets on 26-Mar-2011, while Island Claves scored 61 points against Heats’ 51. C-Deltas (F) fell to Phoenix 32-37 and  UHURU Kings won 64-58 over NPA-Pythons on 27th-March.

St. Paul Crushers thrashed SAC Base 64 baskets to 58, while Don Bosco Legends failed to  show up for the second time, allowing Supreme Brothers free 20 baskets on Mar-28-2011. FUBBA scored 45 points against  Ducor Magic’s 67 and Timberwolves (M) netted 25 points, but could not harm SOS Trotters’ 38 points to beat them on March 29. Three matches were played on March 30.

Barnesville Celtics beat Island Calves 63-60 points, while  Ducor Magic (F) whipped Commissioners28-25. Monrovia Sky-Force defeated Dream Team 67-49 points. K-Deltas beat Timberwolves 68-36, while SOS Trotter won against Cardinals 59-44 nets on 31st of March. Supreme Sisters (F) went down to Angel Shooters 19-35 baskets, while Dream Team fell to Oilers 54-87 on April 1.

SAC Base lost 38 to 64 points to Island Calves, while Destiny Queens’ 40 points sealed them over C-Deltas’ 34. Cestos Mogars’ 87 points  could not easily do the job against the 89 points  scored by UHURU Kings on 2-April-2011.

In other matches, FUBBA 60,  Harbel Pointers, 54 and Timberwolves, 40 Desert Ladies, 50. Mighty Barrolle  narrowly lost to NPA/Pythons 49-50. Heat won swallowed Timberwolves 72-4 points, while Ducor Magic won on a single point against SOS Trotters (59-59) on april-4th-2011. 80 points were enough for Island Calves victory over Cardinals’ 60 in four quarters, while UHURU Kings’ 55 points did not save them against Supreme Brothers’ 59 baskets on April 5, 2011.

Karate Federation Ends Championship

The Liberia Karate Federation has ended its six-club championship held at the D. Tweh High School in the Borough of New Kru Town. The youthful event which brought together martial art (karate) clubs from across Monrovia  to contest the title in three categories-Senior, Junior and Armature divisions, occasioned excitements and entertainment.

In division one (senior), Goodridge Emmanuel of Niang Lee Martial Art Club emerged as champion, while Soulemane Bow came 2nd and Gussin Garcuhiyon finished in 3rd place. The Gu gu Su Tai Martial Art club produced a few winners in the three categories.

Abu S. Kamara, Secretary General of the Federation told this paper that the competition was intended to spot some fresh legs for recruitment in the national Karate team for the upcoming events. He said the Federation has received an invitation from Ghana to  participate in the Zone Three Championship scheduled from July 30-6 August this year in Accra.

Kamara noted that  the Federation was struggling to meet up with its obligations to decentralize the sport due to lack of funds. However, another competition, the Inter Club is scheduled to take place next month as more men are needed for tryout sessions to build a strong team.

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