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LBDI Employees Linked to US$210,000 Theft

Over theft of US$210,000, the National Bureau of Investigation or NBI has charged and sent two employees of the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) to court in Monrovia.

The two employees are Felecia D.S. Dennis and William M. Dennis. According to an NBI probe, defendant Felecia D.S. Dennis, in July 2010, cleverly and criminally transferred US$210,000 into the account of Sedani Enterprise instead of US$21,000 printed on the face of the LBDI required bank deposit slip No. 882653.

Defendant William Dennis, NBI says, admitted that defendant Felecia Dennis had informed him of transferring the US$210,000 into the account of Sedani Enterprise. He, however, told the NBI that he had instructed Felecia to reverse the said amount, but being a supervisor, he did not counter check.

The NBI gathered that after defendant Felecia was informed by the management of Sedani Enterprise  about the wrong transfer of the US$210,000 into their account, she further transferred the money into the account of an Agriculture Ministry Employee, Ralph L. Sayonkon (002USD40760229801).

Sayonkon has also been charged with Theft of Property in absentia, pending his arrest. Ralph Sayonkon (account No. 002USD40760229801) surreptitiously withdrew US$30,000 with the aid of Defendant William Dennis from the US$210,000.

The NBI has said that defendant William admitted being in possession of a stolen copy of a draft investigative report covering the theft of US$30,000 case being investigated by the National Bureau of Investigation.

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