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LCL, Mercy Corps give to Ebola survivors, others

The Lutheran Church of Liberia (LCL) in collaboration with the US charity Mercy Corps has identified with several Ebola survivors and victim families as well as the needy in Margibi County with each household in dozens of communities benefiting US$42.00.

The beneficiaries are all from towns and villages in upper Margibi County, according to the LCL HIV and AIDS Project Officer, James Sloan.
Speaking with reporter recently at the Administrative Building in Kakata, Mr. Sloan said currently the program targets beneficiaries in 34 communities in Kakata, for their first payment, adding that the program started several weeks ago.

He said every household benefits a minimum of US$42.00 provided by the American People (USAID) through Mercy Corps to the Lutheran Church, which is the implementing partner in Margibi County.

Mr. Sloan explained that the identification of the beneficiaries is done through procedures beginning with entry of community residents.

The LCL HIV and AIDS Project Officer narrated that a community meeting is called where the selection process is explained to the residents.

He said after that the community residents then organized another meeting in which they set up two committees, including the selection committee and the identification committee.

“The identification committee identifies the beneficiaries, including Ebola Survivors, houses and communities that were quarantined, those who have orphans living with them, physically challenged people and female headed households as well as widows, who are having children under five years old along with elderly people”, he explained.

The verification and identification committees, he continued have 10 people in number with five on each committee and in the interim, the verification committee goes and verifies the listing that is produced by the identification committee after which the LCL Officer carries on the household detailed to find out whether those people are potential beneficiaries, who meet the LCL criteria for the program.
Sloan averred that the list can now be sent to Mercy Corps to do monitoring with the aim of finding out if those listed are the potential beneficiaries and it is then sent back to the LCL in the county to do roll call and also issue cards to the beneficiaries.

He said those, who received the cards, are the people that benefit from the US$42.00, adding that the money is given to household head and not individual in the family unless a person is the only one identified as beneficiary.

He said Mercy Corps conducted a survey year October in three counties which result shows that Liberians suffer 42 percent decrease in their economy because of Ebola.

He however reminded that the money is for food security, not meant for drunkenness or anything else that will not benefit the needy. Edited by Jonathan Browne

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