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LD$12 Million For Bong County

A Gbarnga-based  financial credit institution, the Tugban Financial Association (TUFA),  established nearly four years ago, appears to be committed to its objective of  buttressing government poverty alleviation program known as the poverty reduction strategy the PRS. 

The  President of the local  financial group, mainly comprised of business entrepreneurs from Gbarnga, recently informed  this paper that TUFA  has infused a little over LD$12M into the local economic of Bong County under its loan scheme to individual business people and organizations.

Mr. Molley Tokpah said, the loan scheme program is intended to empower low income business establishments which could serve as an impetus to create a middle class business environment in the county stressing disadvantaged traders have now move one step to another level  as a result of our  financial intervention. 

The TUFA president disclosed that as result of the strong fiscal discipline being practiced by the institution, more people are getting attracted as evidenced by the number of shareholders it currently has from Gbarnga and its environs.

He indicated that despite his government’s responsibility to create the enabling economic situation for its citizens; the private sector which his association comes from can also serve as complementary partner to boost national economic growth and development.

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