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LDEA officials clash over zombie drugs

The declaration of zombie drugs’ existence in Liberia has stirred fears, especially when a lot of young people have already been destroyed by another narcotic substance called kush.

By Emmanuel wise Jipoh

Monrovia, June 4, 2024: Two senior officials at the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) reportedly engaged in a fight Monday, 3 June 2024, following their disagreement about the existence of a narcotic substance called zombie.

Social media was flooded with reports of an alleged altercation between LDEA Director-General Abraham Kromah and his Deputy for Operations, Col. Al-Hassan Fadiga.

The tension erupted between the senior law enforcement officials within the LDEA facility in Sinkor after both men shared varying views about the zombie drugs.

The conflict allegedly erupted after Col. Fadiga had allegedly rubbished the existence of the zombie drugs in Liberia.

The Liberia National Police (LNP) had to intervene to calm the situation between the two senior officers at the LDEA.

According to. Mr. Fadiga, LDEA Officers have thoroughly investigated and determined that there are no zombie drugs found in Liberia. 

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He took to social media, stating there was no evidence whatsoever to support the existence of the zombie drugs.

“I want to emphatically state [that] there is no zombie drugs here,” he said.

He further assured the public that claims regarding the existence of zombie drugs are unsubstantiated.

He argued that there is no credible information and evidence to support the existence of the zombie drugs here.

Immediately after Mr. Fadiga’s assertions, quarrels erupted among LDEA officers, which prompted the LNP’s response. The LNP subsequently invited Col. Kromah and Col. Fadiga for questioning.

In a brief press conference, Col. Kromah trashed his deputy’s claims and defended the existence in Liberia of the zombie drugs.

Col. Kromah suggested that Mr. Fadiga is trying to leverage lies and falsehood to gain prominence.

“My issue with drugs is personal, combined with integrity and institution,” said Col. Kromah.

He noted that there is no way he will compromise the issue of drugs here.

“Since 1985 I joined the police force with diligence and I don’t advance falsehood for prominence,” Col. Kromah explained.

He explained that his work has always spoken for him, adding that he thinks Mr. Fadiga and his likes are trying to leverage falsehood for prominence.

Early last month, the LDEA announced the availability of zombie drugs in Liberia and cautioned against their usage.

The declaration of zombie drugs’ existence in Liberia stirred fears in the public especially when a lot of young people have already been damaged by another narcotic substance called kush.

The LDEA said zombie drugs had been confiscated from around Monrovia, warning that it was going to raid areas it considered to be targets in Redlight, Paynesville, and Miami Beach in Monrovia.

Col. Kromah has reassured the public of the LDEA’s robust measures in the execution of its duties to combat drugs and to clamp down on drug traffickers and distributors.

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