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LDI Transitions to IREDD

The Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) formerly the Liberia Democratic Institute has ended a three-day strategic review of its programs in Monrovia.

The review produced two important outcomes: The change of name from Liberia Democratic Institute (LDI) to the Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) and the development of a five- year strategic plan.

LDI founded in 2000, experienced steady expansion in scope, working and running active programs nationwide, particularly in at least eight counties. Harold M. Aidoo, Team Leader, said IREDD is dedicated to contributing to the socioeconomic and democratic consolidation of Liberia.

“The IREDD work has made tremendous transformational shift at strengthening citizens’ voice, increasing political and social accountability and serving as a key catalyst within the civil society community,” he noted.

He said the institute acknowledged the inter-dependent relationship global governance and development trends hold in meeting the development needs of developing societies entrapped in similar circles of poverty, underdevelopment and poor governance.

“The Institute’s change of name is part of its strategic positioning to enable it meaningfully contribute to sub-regional and regional democratization and governance challenges,” Aidoo added.

IREDD, a new name but being managed by the same people also acknowledged the inseparable link of its 12 years of accomplishments to the significant roles of  partners, including financiers, the Government of Liberia, civil society and local communities with whom it works in democratic society building and contributing to a sustainable development.

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In consideration of partners’ incredible roles, Aidoo said IREDD looks forward to validating the Draft Strategic Plan through broad multi stakeholders working, involving donors, international and national NGOs, local communities, political institutions and the government here.

“The objective is to ensure ownership and secure legitimacy. IREDD is grateful to the implausible support of all of its partners at contributing to the expansion of spaces for democratization, peace consolidation and the promotion of human’s rights,” IREDD Team Leader said.

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