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LDLD Conducts MDGs Workshops in three Counties

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In an attempt to create a broader understanding of the Millennium Development Goals or MDGS, the LDLD has organized workshops to be held in local districts and counties in Liberia with MDGs awareness programs.

The workshops, which opens in Tubmanburg today is three in all and are expected to take place in Tubmanburg Zwedru, and Buchanan respectively from the 6- 14 December, 2010.

Tubmanburg ( Bomi & Gbarpolu) 6-7  December, Zwedru ( Sinoe & River Gee) 9-10 December 2011 and Buchanan  (Rivercess and Grand Bassa) 13-14 December.    

Each workshop will consist of 50 participants from two counties district in terms of proximity from the hosting location. Grand Bassa will host Rivercess and itself, Sinoe and River Gee will be hosted in Zwedru and Tubmanburg will host Bomi and Gbarpolu.

The workshop will last for two days each beginning with Tubmanburg todayMonday.
Programme activities will be divided into four different sessions. In day one sessions will be the formal opening programme with MDGs awareness and assessment. Day 2 will be local MDGs local programming and monitoring and local needs assessment.

The participants will be local stakeholders from government and CSOs from the participating counties and districts, which has LDLD project activity intervention. The number and nature of participants will be twenty five (25) from each county and will include the Development Superintendent, County Development Officers, District Commissioners, Chiefs, CSOs, etc.

To this end after the implementation of the workshop local communities or district will have full comprehension and knowledge about the MDGs. Local stakeholders will have achieved improved capacity to assess and develop their own local MDGs acceleration plans in the form of district development plans driven by MDG s, which will address many of the challenges and uncertainties to achieve the MDGs at the local level, notwithstanding with the support of national and international partners.

The separate total estimated cost for each workshop is Buchanan $8,200.00, Zwedru $13,600 and Tubmanburg $6,200 making a total sum of $27,800.00.

An LDLD release noted that localizing the MDGs is a method for: addressing disparities and marginalization at the sub-national level; providing an integrated framework for development through the inter-relationships between the goals; linking global, national, counties and districts  through the same set of goals; providing a framework for accountability through the setting of targets and indicators; supporting marginalized groups in democratic governance and participatory decision-making processes; and lastly supporting good governance.

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