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Leadership and Motivation

Leadership and Motivation

Do not allow the fact that you lack an education hold you back, because your mind is capable of meeting all necessities and it will always do so if given the chance. Never forget this: Your subconscious mind has known more since you were in the cradle than it is possible to learn from all of the books or from any of the universities in the whole wide world.

Our mental attitude is like a magnet that attract everything we need to make our desire come true, and we ourselves make our magnet strong or weak according to whether we have confidence in our abilities, or we doubt them. We appropriate power according to our thoughts, and this can be either limited or unlimited: it depends upon you. There is no reason not to aspire to any position or honor, your mind is able to give you everything that you need. It is no more difficult for your mind to solve a complex problem than to solve a simple one, even as it is in those of a great nation.

The radical approach to living a life of significance is to swim upstream, swimming against the tide. If one is going to make any impact in life he/she must not conform to the general approach of the majority. It’s important to note that we are on a mission, a mission to affect, influence and impact lives as well as make meaningful contribution to society.

The young people in Liberia, therefore, need to understand that they are alive to make a difference but this fact is not well understood by many in this country. Many, also, do not understand that they are alive to leave indelible marks on the sands of time; that they are alive to make history and not just to pass through history-that they have not been called to conform but to transform their environment, to influence their society, to give direction, to stand out and to register maximum impact.

As it is a known fact, it is all who have done tangible or made indelible mark on this planet earth were sure of where they were going. They knew what they wanted. Knowing where you are going is a venture that begins with a dream and having a clear vision for it is those who know their destination and how to get there that rule the world. Unfortunately, many of our young people do not know their destination.

They do not see the big picture of where they were yesterday, where they are now and where they want to be tomorrow so it is with our leaders in this country. Knowing your identity and having a strong desire to succeed will of course take you there.

It is also a known fact that one cannot go against the negative, self-center tide of life if he/she is not show of his or her identity, and so the first step is to recognize who you are. One cannot afford to have an identity crisis-not walking and living in the reality of who they really are. When one does not know who he/she is he/she automatically puts a limit over their life. They cannot be the best-the best he/she can be is a second best which is not good enough and the latter is what that is found amongst young people in Liberia now a day. In short, knowing who you are gives you confidence.

The pages of history are filled with names of men who thought great thoughts and who used their imagination to overcome difficult circumstances and raise them above their contemporaries. The world of industry and finance is filled with successful people who have had but rudimentary educations. It was only after having made many millions of dollars that Andrew Carnegie employed a tutor to educate him.

Friend, you need to understand that you cannot go through life ridding on the identity they have acquired from the opinion of people. When you begin to understand who you are you will understand the extent of the impact you can make with your lives.

At this point you will begin to understand that you some people, groups, organizations, companies and the nation will experience declined quality-that without you others will not be or experience the very best they ought to. It is therefore crucial that you wake up to your present-tense identity and stop walking in the shadows of others by imitating and taking their names.

(Chealy Brown Dennis is a consultant and a much sought after motivational speaker and offers training in organizational leadership, and business development concept and planning, creative sales and marketing, strategic planning and team building. He also offers workbooks, on-location and train-the-trainer formats for leaders, managers, businesses and organizations. He can be contacted through email at: dennisbc2011@yahoo.com or on phone at: 0886-264-611 or 0776545394)

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