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Leadership and Motivation

Leadership & Motivation

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Positive thinking is the key to a successful life. Galileo looked at the moon, and dreamed of learning more about it, and the telescope was the result of his dream. Watt dreamed of what could be done with the power of steam, and the machine age was born.  Franklin dreamed of harnessing the energy of lightning, and today we have that very energy at our constant service. It is imagination that is the motivation behind such successes.

Start measuring your life and its quality based on results, not intensions. Measuring success is a function of results. Only with results can we be sure that the changes are real. It is true that life presents windows of opportunity. Very often, the windows of opportunities open for a time, but then shut forever. And so as you evaluate your life in which you are moved to take action, recognize that you have to seize opportunities when they present themselves or create them when they do not. Remember, time is relentless. It is the one resource that you cannot regenerate. The life you are living now is the only one you have been awarded. This is why every moment you failed to take purposeful action is another moment wasted. So you should live your life on purpose. You must decide that your dreams are not to be sold out; they are to be realized.

We are all unique creatures. Of all the people in the world, there is no one that is an exact replica of the other. But many young people in Liberia do not accept this fact and many also have not accepted who they are. Many of our young people live in other people’s shadows-imitating them-and are engaged in wishful thinking-wishing they were some other persons, having little or no self-esteem and self-confidence. Many have refused to accept themselves. There are yet many who do not believe in themselves and the vast potentials they are endowed with. They take on other people’s names, ways of life and cultures to include rappers, footballers, musicians and actors.  Many at last do not aspire to be great so that they will leave a lasting legacy that their families and nation will remember and be proud of.

Like they say, there is no point crying over spilt milk. If the milk is spilt and you still have your glass thank God and move on so you can get the milk again. If the milk is spilt and the glassware is also broken, well count your losses and make plans to acquire new glassware and get milk to fill it up. You cannot change the past. Not handling the past right and misjudging it denies you the joy of the present and kills the hope of the future.

Leave the past behind and move on with life. Learn from your mistakes. It is only a fool that make the same mistake twice. If you have had measures of success in the past then build on it and move on. There is still a lot of ground for you to conquer. The world doesn’t care about thoughts; it rewards action with triumphant success. People don’t care about your intensions; they care about what you do. What determines the script of your life is what you do.

Friend, your mental attitude is like a magnet that attracts everything you need to make your desire come true, and it is within your power to make that magnet strong or weak according to the confidence in your abilities. We humans appropriate power according to our thoughts and this can be either limited or unlimited: it depends upon us. There is no reason not to aspire to any position or honor, your mind is able to give you everything that you need. It is no more difficult for your mind to solve a complex problem than it is to solve a simple one, even as it is in those of great nations. Do not use your mind to solve insignificant problems with the same effort you will have to use in solving problems that are significant. Do not waste your time on insignificant activities. Put your mind to work each day and think positively.

Start something today. Use your imagination. Give your mind something to work on. The greatest secret of all success is taking initiative. That is the quality which contributes to the achievements of mankind. Think of something; think of it first in the mind. Your subconscious mind will do the rest to make your idea becomes a reality. Drive yourself, for it is the men of vision and imagination who have caused the advances in the world today; without them, we would still be in the Stone Age.

(Chealy Brown Dennis is a consultant and a much sought after motivational speaker and offers training in organizational leadership, and business development concept and planning, creative sales and marketing, strategic planning and team building. He also offers workbooks, on-location and train-the-trainer formats for leaders, managers, businesses and organizations. He can be contacted through email at: or on phone at: 0886-264-611 or 0776545394)

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