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Leadership Row rocks Nimba county

From all indications, the entire Leadership of Nimba County is rocked by continuous political row.

Some members of the Nimba Legislative Caucus are at variance with the county administration led by the Superintendent and opting for a transition in the county administration.

The Superintendent Von Zonklay and his Assistant for Development are accused by the Lawmakers, led by Matonnokay Tingbeh of showing disrespect, and making unilateral decisions, especially on the expenditure of the county’s funds.

Despite the Caucus’ decision not to cooperate with Superintendent Zonklay and his deputy, Tecko Yorlay, a lone supporter for the county administration, Senior Senator Prince Y. Johnson has expressed explicit confidence in the Superintendent just as the Executive.

Stating the functions of Lawmakers in a phone- in interview with the truth Breakfast Show on truth FM on Wednesday, September 24, Senator Johnson warned members of the Legislature against interfering with the functions of the Executive Branch, insisting that his colleagues were actually interfering with the responsibilities of the Executive.

“This is corruption; and just taking money from the people’s county covers and chopping the money must stop,” he warned. Senator Johnson challenged attempts by some members of the Nimba Caucus to link the Superintendent to the alleged burglary and looting their office and residence.

But one of the Lawmakers, claiming to be victimized, clarified that they were not directly linking the superintendent to the situation, but pondering over why their office and residence were burglarized after disclosing that they had a recording to be played against the county administration.

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In a counter argument, he attributed the problem to Senator Johnson, who he referred to as godfather and senior senator, for claims that he was not exercising leadership to intervene in crisis simply because he was apparently avenging his suspension by his colleagues. However, Senator Johnson insisted that the Executive be allowed to function, while they (Lawmakers) exercise their proper oversight responsibility.

According to the Nimba County Senator, his colleagues were interfering too much with functions of the Executive, claiming that they were opting for Superintendent to be removed to give them the opportunity to recommend the City Mayor of Ganta as his replacement. “This is not going to work. If you do not have confidence in this man, the president has confidence,” he concluded.

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