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Leadership Secrets For Total Success – Part 1

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Everyone has problems. Your success and happiness in life depend on your willingness to help someone solve their problem. Successful people are simply problem solvers. A successful attorney solves legal problem. Doctors solve physical problems. The automobile mechanic solves car problems.

As a leader, you have to be a problem solver. You will need to have something others need. Take an inventory of yourself. What do you have to offer someone? What do you enjoy doing? Friend, you are not an accident. Everything God makes is a solution to a problem. Think of your contribution to another as an assignment. Just as a lawyer is assigned to his client, a wife to her husband, parents to their children, and employees to their boss so is your assignment to a person or a people. Your assignment will always solve a problem.

Your life is a solution to someone in trouble. Find those who need you and what you have to offer. Build your life around that contribution. Know this, whatever you have been given is what someone needs.

Also, you must believe in the product you are promoting. Doubt is deadly. Your thoughts have presence. They are like currents moving through the air. Those thoughts are capable of drawing people toward you or driving people away from you. Your attitude is always sensed. You will never succeed in anything you are doing business unless you really believe in it. You must believe in that business. Your doubts will eventually surface.

You must also have a thorough knowledge about your product or the responsibility you have been given as a leader. You must take the time and make the effort to know your product and responsibilities as a leader. It may be boring or even seem unnecessary and thus you may want to be in a hurry, but success does not happen that way. A lawyer must study new laws. A doctor must keep well-read on the latest journals concerning the body and new diseases. A policeman has to study his weapons, the laws of his community, his rights and the mind-set of criminals. Don’t expect to succeed unless you are thoroughly informed about your product.

Are you discouraged by your present job or situation? Then I suggest you ask yourself some soul-searching and honest questions. How much time have you spent cultivating an awareness of your business or that which you are doing? Do you use your product? How many hours each day have you invested in becoming informed? Are you so busy trying to “make money” that you really have not developed a powerful understanding and confidence in what you are doing? Friend, I want you to know that it is information that breeds’ confidence.

Dear reader, anyone who does business with you wants the truth-the total truth. People fear misrepresentation. Never paint a distorted picture. As a leader you must believe in preparing people for any possible situation that could happen. Be honest. Address the benefits; focus on the advantages that your product will offer to another person. But never forget that an honest relationship is worth one hundred. Understand that your integrity will always be remembered longer than your product.

Friend, somebody needs you. Go find them. Activate yourself. Move toward neighbors. Move toward the members of your family. Make that call. Go ahead; write that brief note to that closed friend. You may be shy and even feel inadequate, but you will not succeed in life unless you are connected to people.

Success involves people. People who enable you to succeed may not always come to you. In fact they rarely do. You must go to them. Successful people are accessible. You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue. As a leader you do not need to set up a throne in the middle of each city saying “this is the only place you can see me”. You will have to go everywhere including the out of the way places. You must be reachable if you want to succeed as a leader.

What is keeping you from reaching out toward others? Is it an inward fear or dread that you may be rejected or turn down? Are you intimidated in some way? There is something far more important than rejection: Your dreams and goals. Successful people are reachers. They dread rejection, but they believe their goal is worth it. Go to where people are because your dream is connected to people just as lawyers need clients, doctors need patients, singers need musicians and sales people need customers.

Start your “People List” today. There are two kinds of people in your life: 1) Those who already know that you have something they need, and 2) Those who do not yet know you have something they need. Your “People–List” may include your relatives, neighbors, newspaper carrier, gardener, dentist, hairdresser, landlord, doctor, or lawyer. There is a law of relationship that says every person is merely four people away from any other human on earth. Think of it! This simply means that you know Sam, who knows Sarah, who knows Peter, who knows anyone else you would ever want to know. You are already networked with the entire world.

You simply have to get out of your house. Get out of your car. Go to the door. Reach for your telephone. Success always begins somewhere. Success always begins with someone. You must go where people are.

(Chealy Brown Dennis is a motivational speaker and offers training in leadership and organizational development; strategic planning, wealth creation and team building and offers on-location and train-the-trainer formats. He can be contacted through email at: or on phone at: 0886-264-611 or 0776-545-394)

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