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Lebanese Businessman Involved in Theft

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A Lebanese businessman Ayman Neam has been taken to court for allegedly buying two stolen Kama 5.5 KVA Generators at his Auto Spare Parts Services Store on the CID Road in Mamba Point, Monrovia. The illegal transaction transpired in November 2011.

Neam was accused by the management of the Honey Home Store on Randall Street, Monrovia of facilitating two suspects, who allegedly stole the generators, and subsequently purchasing them.

According to the indictment, two of the defendants, Augustine Z. Harris, who worked at the Honey Home Store, connived with one Jerry Henry Payne and took away 36 5.5 KVA generators and unspecified amount of spare parts, which belonged to the management.

The indictment says two of the generators were allegedly transported in a cartoon to the Auto Spare Services Store on Randall Street, while the second one was taken to Old CID Road in Mamba Point.

Suspects Payne allegedly admitted to the commission of theft. The indictment revealed Payne narrated that a store boy, Augustine Harris, allegedly gave him the generators for safekeeping with an instruction to sell them later.

Payne allegedly sold the generators at US$450.00 each, two of which the Lebanese national Neam, allegedly bought. A passerby is also accused of buying one of the generators at US$450.00.

Meanwhile, a private security, who was keeping guard at the premises of Honey Home Store, has been linked to the crime. Defendant Bill Walker is accused of receiving US$350.00 from Augustine Z. Harris as his share from the generators sold.

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