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LEC Death Trap in Airfield

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What appear to be a death trap of the Liberia Telecommunication Cooperation or LEC is reported hanging over more than three populated houses on the Airfield. A Light Pole of the Liberia Telecommunication Corporation or LEC is said to be posting a serious treat on residents of that area. The Light Pole which is almost falling presently hangs over more than three houses that host more than 30 residents of the community.


The pole which is located near the Shark’s Entertainment Center is said to be posting serious fear on residents in that area both at day and night. The community people said the Pole when dropped over the houses will cause serious disaster and even cause burning of the houses and people dying because of the electric power in the wire of the pole.

According to the community people in the area, LEC authority has been contacted about the falling pole but no one from the office of the LEC has gone there to straighten the pole or exchange it.

“we have call LEC office we tired, this pole is really making us afraid, it can drop any time and it will be very bad when it is in the night, why will LEC sit there and allow people die or house burnt before they can come and see about this problem, do they want us to give them money before  they come, why Liberians always overlooked things at the earlier stage but when it is completely spoil, than they want to fix it,” one of the residents living in a house under the light pole said with anger to the New Dawn.

The residents however called on government to move in quickly in changing the pole to avoid people dying when the pole drop completely. The residents said though they appreciate the electricity in their area but the pole needs to be change. Effort to contact authority of the LEC about the falling pole in Airfield via mobile phone by this paper was not possible until press time.

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