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LEC under pressure

…As citizens threaten actions

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The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) seems to be under serious pressure from Liberians here for some alleged bad deeds and theft allegedly carried out in various communities around Montserrado County by individuals believed to be employees of the corporation.

During a talk show held on local broadcaster Truth FM Tuesday, 14 January, a lot of the callers on the show expressed frustration at the way field workers of the Corporation allegedly collect money from community dwellers without providing electricity for them over a long period.
Some of the callers claim they have written communications to authorities at the LEC, seeking solutions to problems on their power supply lines, but the corporation would not send its team in the communities to address residents’ problems.

Out frustration, some callers have threatened to take action against the Corporation if he continues to do business as usual, as many of them go without power.
They lament that rather than addressing their problems, some employees of LEC would go into their communities whenever there, collect monies and leave without providing them with the service that they paid for.

Abraham Konnah, a resident of Jacob Town Community in Paynesville narrates that for the past months, his community has been out of electricity.Konnah explains further that they have written series of letters to the management of the Corporation before it sent a team into the community.

He continues that upon the arrival of the LEC team in the community, residents were allegedly told to pay the amount of US$300, noting that the head of the community took the responsibility to collect the money from each of the houses within the community.

“Since we collected the money and gave it to the team headed by a guy only identify as Bobby. The guys told us they were going to bring the transformer the next day, it has been two months now these guys are yet to bring the transformer we paid for,” Konnah alleges.

He adds that every time the community people call the number left by the alleged LEC workers, somebody would answer and insult the callers.
Mr. Wolor from Johnsonville Community also called in, narrating that residents of his community had problem with their power line before the Christmas season.

According to him, they decided to inform the LEC management about the problem facing the community, following which a team of LEC personnel arrived in the community and did their usual checking and left.
He explains that it was realized that all meters that were on the poles that the guys from the LEC had climbed on got missing, lamenting that since that time, nobody else has gone back to fix their line.

“Let me be real to you guys in studio and the LEC management, we the members of our community have already resolved to chase and seize any LEC properties that enter our community because every day you hear on the radio power theft but these same LEC guys are the real criminals that [are] causing serious problem for us the Liberian people,” Mr. Wolor, an elder of the Johnsonville community disclosed.

For his part, Montsrrado County District 6 Representative Samuel Enders notes that from the look of things, it seems that things will not materialize anytime soon for the power project for which grounds have been broken in his district.

He notes that the power project supposed to run from ELWA Junction to the Roberts International Airport.
But Representative Enders notes that he will write a formal communication to the House Plenary in order for the for the House to summon the LEC management to explain why its employees are carrying on these bad deeds within various communities, promising to make that communication public.By Ben P. Wesee—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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