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Lecturer Cries for Kpatawee Waterfall

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A lecturer at the Cuttington University in Suakoko, Bong County is urging the Liberian government to give more attention to the Kpatawee Water Falls in the county. Lecturer Dawokollie Owah described the water falls as major sites of attraction to serve as an essential boost to the country’s economic growth and development.

Mr. Owah expressed the belief that the falls could immensely benefit local citizens in and around Bong County, if the government could invest more resources to development them.

The CU lecturer, who visited the site with some students of the university’s agriculture college, added that he observed the presence of other essential mineral resources which could be used to enhance efforts toward national development, stressing that much could be achieved from the water falls should proper programs be crafted and implemented, in collaboration with the ordinary citizens of the community.

Mr. Owah, however, welcomed the recent decision for the construction of a mini hydro at the water falls.  He reminded the government that other countries around the world were generating millions of dollars from tourism, noting that Liberia needed to seriously contemplate on venturing into similar initiative.

The CU lecturer wondered as to why Liberia is blessed naturally and its leaders appear not to be making maximum use of some the natural gifts.

He told the New Dawn-Liberia that water being a blessing to the people of Liberia; there was an urgent need to do everything it requires to utilize it properly. He praised the fertility of the soil, saying it is capable of growing any crop.

Mr. Owah, who lectures forestry at the university, said the government’s attention must be drawn to the protection of biodiversity in the forests around the water falls.

“The small forest around the falls should be protected also because there are people who continue to hunt and killing some important animal species and nobody asks them questions relating to their action,” he added.

Despite the deplorable road condition between Kpatawee and Phebe Intersection, many Bong residents and visitors from other places spend holidays at the falls with their families, friends and love ones. The water, which comes from a mountain in the area, remains very stable during dry and rainy seasons.

A few years back, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hosted its World Wetland Day celebration at the Kpatawee Water Falls, but failed to mobilize efforts for the improvement of the falls.

In spite of the availability of the County Development and Social development Funds, Officials of Bong County, especially Legislators who are directly involved with the expenditure of the funds, continue to pay “deaf-ears and blind-eyes” to the numerous calls for Kpatawee’s development, something many consider, must first be initiated by the county itself.

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