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‘Legislature a rubber-stamp  

–PYJ blames lawmakers for Liberia’s misfortunes

By Lincoln G. Peters

Former Liberian warlord, now Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson says the country has a rubber-stamp Legislature and blames the branch of government for the nation’s misfortune.

Over the weekend, Senator Johnson claimed that for lawmakers’ benefit, the ”rubber stamp’’ Legislature allows the passage of all kinds of bills and laws, even those that are not in the interest of the citizenry.

“Let me tell you, we are responsible. The Senate is a rubber stamp. The Legislature is a rubber stamp. There are other people who are going the ruling party’s line because they don’t even have money for campaigns,” Johnson told a local radio over the weekend.

He accused his colleagues of allegedly working with the government in all capacities to get money for their campaign, lamenting that it’s unfortunate.

According to Senator Johnson, some of the lawmakers involved are from Nimba County, other opposition political parties, and people who were elected as independent lawmakers.

He disclosed that there are lawmakers in the House of Representatives who are siding with the government because they want money for the campaign.

He alleged that their entire stay at the Legislature has been about what they can benefit.

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“We are responsible for what [is] happening in the country. Now, the security committee has the right to summon the City Mayor to answer why his men are carrying firearms,” said Senator Johnson. 

“But they are ineffective, and the committees that are in the Senate to check on ministries and agencies are not working. Therefore, we are responsible for what is happening in the country,’’ he stated.

Regarding the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia, Senator Johnson explained that he is not against it. However, he said several legal stumbling blocks should be dealt with.

He said some legal instruments and laws are preventing the establishment of the war and economic crimes court. Johnson continued that if Liberia will establish the court, Liberians should look at the legal stumbling blocks.

“Every day I listen to people about the establishment of a war crimes court. It has legal ramifications. You know when the Accra Peace Accord was signed by the warring factions, they came to Liberia and peace came,” said Senator Johnson. 

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  1. Look at Nehemiah 5:10. Read your wallet. “The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.” Psalm 118:22. Also fear only Ps. 111:10. Samuel 12:24. Jeremiah 42:6.

  2. When peace seemed to arrive, piece followed with African peacekeepers getting their share of hydroelectric plant, materials and equipment from Ducor, even the cottar from the road etc… As for the United Nations keepers, the war left some of our soldiers and ex still stepping piece marching. When you fight among yourselves, strangers come in and take unattended. War has no mercy. There is no institution either during such conflict. Never should we fight a civil war again. In the end we will be left with fixing it ourselves. WE will have to fix it ourselves. This is the reason why we should actually collectively be concerned and make the factual count, the most important factor of October 2023 election. Regardless the win. If the science is correct, the power to the Liberian people will be restored and reconciliation, reconstruction, and sifted development will become automatic.

  3. We should never again go outside the nation to establish peace. It did not help. It left part of our peace pipes out of Liberia and may never return. It is only Liberians themselves who finally decided to stop the war and with God’s help, keep the peace.

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