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Legislature needs business-minded people

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The Chief Executive officer of the Masco Medical and Surgical Center located in district # 2 Musa Abraham Sherif has disclose here that the current legislature needs individuals with business background, and experiences to help in crafting polices to that will bring about development.

“if you ask me I think our current legislature needs people that are business minded, to help push and cfraft legislation that will have an impact in the lives of our people”
Musa A. Sherif made those statements recently at his office opposite the Ministry of National Defense on UN Drive, in an interview with scores of journalist at the closure of two days of free medical services that was provided to the people of district 2 and other communities in Montserrado over the weekend.

According to him many at times citizens depends on government jobs for survival, saying our people in this country have very strong desire for government jobs, they refuse to venture into other areas, but government, and I really don’t think everything should be government, that why I spent 22 years of my time in the private sector contributing to the growth and development of this country says Musa A. Sherif.

Mr. Sherif also used the occasion to declare his intention to contest in electoral district # 2, where he boost of building a clinic which he says is contributing to the growth and development of the country by offering medical services to the people of district # 2, and the country t large.

He said If he’s giving back to his people in the district, and the country as a private citizen, then why more if he become a Representative, adding that politicians are not the only people who should be at the legislature, that place needs people from the private sector because we all know that the backbone of any economy reside in the private sector says Musa A. Sherif.

When quiz about his chances in the district he said the people of district are resolve, saying because of the humanitarian work and the clinic that was establish in 2009 I’m convince of becoming the next representative of that district.

Mr. Sherif told journalist here that why in the private sector, his decision to venture into health care services was support government efforts, saying my decision was predicated upon providing jobs, for young people that are graduating from health schools in the country, and also from the result of a study that i carried out, and later realized that in order for people to survive they must first have a good health”, this was the reason for the establishment of the Masco medical center in district # 2.

He said with the level of experience he got why in the private sector, if he becomes the next representative he will definitely work to encourage his colleagues to introduce legislation that will benefit the people of Liberia.By Lewis S. Teh

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