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LEITI hosts 2-day workshop for chiefs

A two-day workshop intended to enhance the capacity of chiefs and traditional leaders and increase their participation in the process of effectively managing resources from the extractive sectors has started at the Baptist Seminary in Monrovia.

The workshop, organized by the Liberia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (LEITI), is being attended by over 30 chiefs and traditional leaders from across the country.

Speaking to participants in an introductory remark, a member of the LEITI Multi-stakeholders Steering Group (MSG), Kofi Ireland said, as representatives of the ordinary citizens, who are custodians of the resources in the country, traditional leaders are crucial to the process of promoting resource transparency. He noted that most of the conflicts associated with resource extraction in Liberia are attributed to limited involvement of citizens in the process, particularly people from the very local communities where those resources are being extracted.

A press release from the LEITI says Head of Secretariat, Konah D. Karmo said, genuine transparency in the extractive sector must go beyond just disclosure of taxes and revenues to demanding accountability in the use of those revenues. The traditional leaders, he said, are better suited in demanding such accountability as they are the real custodians of the natural resources.

Mr. Karmo said, in addition to corporate social contributions from extractive companies, most of the concession agreements have provisions which outlined special allocations for the communities affected by these extractive activities. To properly account for the use of these payments, the LEITI Boss said, traditional leaders need to be trained to get involved in monitoring the transparent and accountable use of these funds.  

Welcoming the chiefs earlier, Chief Zanzan Karwor, Chairman of the National Traditional Council of Liberia (NTCL) admonished his compatriots against being complacent with getting involved in the decision making process of how  the nation’s resources are managed. Chief Karwor expressed gratitude to LEITI for arranging what he termed “such idea to open the minds of the chiefs”. 

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