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Let the Invisible Rattan Come – Part II

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No More Hell Fire, No More Videos

Father God, jealousy, as well as envy, is all over the place. Because I asked you to cut my Judgment Day video short, many people are calling and texting me, enviously saying, “Oh, da yor one video God mohn cut? I will ask Him to cut my own, too.”

Concerning the invisible rattan, when I asked you the last time not to allow it to flog me for long, some people got angry again. They started saying, “Oh, da other people owna flogging mohn be long, but your own mohn be short?” The rattan will flog all of us equally.”

But, wait-o, Father God. Da their business? They are just trying to spoil my way. Don’t allow them to spoil between you and me. It is all these talks and others that cause me to ask you to forget about Judgment Day and the video showing and just introduce the invisible rattan that will flog all rotten people on Saturday. We human beings are sophisticated dry-face people.

Cancel the video business. It is good I discovered that the video showing will be problematic. Just forget about it. OK? Believe me, Father God. If you show the videos, there will be too many problems. For instance, some people will ask you to rewind other people’s videos. There will be too many arguments and new sins.

If a man who whose wife is sitting next to him on Judgment Day sees his wife’s video, a video that shows that his wife’s boss was rocking his very wife in a motel down town Monrovia, he could starting fighting his wife or the wife’s boss.

“Wait, Cecelia! Da you and your boss man doing that kinda in that in that motel?” could be the first question to his wife. Soon, he could start beating that woman right in front of you. The video will open old sore. It will make plenty of people’s temper to rise. God, you yourself know how jealous men are. Suspend the video business. Let the rattan just come flog us.

But what do you think, God? If I see in the video of my own man or my best friend screwing my sweetheart in my own bed room, what do you think I will do? Forget about it?

I beg you yah. No way! I will forget about Judgment Day business and look for that best friend among the crowd to either fight him or to ask, “My man, how could you be so wicked to do that to me? You were too deceitful. Your stupid self are a good-for-nothing friend.”

God, except you make us some kinda new people, fighting will open on Judgment Day-o. If you don’t want any hala-hala, cancel Judgment Day business and cancel the video business. You think da small rottenness in us here on earth?

Another problem is that if you show the videos, some people will not stay to watch their own videos. If they see the rotten videos of their friends, and they realize that their videos are rottener than their friends’ videos just shown, they may wipe their butt and say, “God, no need you show my video. I k now that I am supposed to be in Hell; therefore, on my way to Hell I go.”

That person could take Hell road and you would call him and get tired because he would not want you to show his or her video. Believe me, God. Judgment Day will be an interesting day. Some people will deny that they video you have about them is their video. Dey way you already have quick temper, you better forget about the video business and introduce the invisible rattan. Proper flogging on every Saturday is the answer.

If I committed fornication with five girls during the week you flog me, I could reduce it to two girls the next week. The rattan will cause faithfulness to increase. Once a person has received proper flogging three to four times, anytime his friend ask him to watch a short pornographic movie, that person may even want to go to heaven to lay complaint to you.

Let the rattan come, Father God. Let it come. Most pastors are more rotten than the ordinary members. Most people who go to church regularly are more rotten than many of those who do not go to church at all. This is a fact. So, since the religious pretenders are numerous, the invisible rattan visiting every Saturday is the answer.

When we hear a pastor scream “My people your come-o. Ah, ah, oh – I will die – My people your come for me-o –  the beating will kill me-o – I will not do some again – let it be so – I beg you” on Saturday morning, then we will know that that pastor is one of those pretending in Christendom.

Such a pastor would not be brave to stand in front of me on Sunday morning to tell me that I should change my life and live a godly one because if he tried it, I would say, “Man, wait, man. You who the invisible rattan flogged yesterday, you want to tell me about Christian living? Flakajay pastor like you?  You better give me change let me pass.”

To be continued …
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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